Tech Learning

Quill: The building blocks of Deriv’s seamless UX and UI design

Quill is a UX/UI design system that streamlines design for our evolving products and synergizes efforts for quicker and better results. Read more

The secret life of Chrome extension service-workers

While working on the WebSocket debugger extension, I'd

Cloud protection strategies against dangling IP takeovers

Dangling IP address takeovers cause great monetary and reputation loss for companies. Learn how they happen and how to mitigate this risk.

Cloud-agnostic Kubernetes on AWS: A strategic guide

Explore our journey from late-night server maintenance to mastering Kubernetes on AWS, gaining valuable insight into scalability and resilience.

Improving secret scanning in source code management systems

Discover how we enhanced our approach to secret detection and prevention, leading to stronger cybersecurity practices in software development.

How to build and use Chrome extensions for WebSocket debugging

Did you know you can use Chrome extensions as a debug tool? Check out this article to learn how to set it up and decode WebSocket traffic.

Going beyond DORA metrics in DevOps performance assessment

Find out how we're using DORA metrics and other DevOps indicators to improve performance and create a culture of data-driven ownership.

Embracing innovation in trading: Looking back on 2023

2023 unfolded like a dynamic tech map for Deriv. Find out how we prepared ourselves for more trading innovations.

Excellence in Tech Operations

Delve into the practical techniques and insights gained from Deriv's journey in overcoming challenges and achieving excellence in tech operations

Implementing High-Availability Cross-Cloud VPN between AWS and GCP

Check out our blog to learn how we designed and implemented the GCP and AWS connection using the Border Gateway Protocol.