Tech Learning

How to build and use Chrome extensions for WebSocket debugging

This article discusses how you can use Chrome extensions in

Going beyond DORA metrics in DevOps performance assessment

Find out how we're using DORA metrics and other DevOps indicators to improve performance and create a culture of data-driven ownership.

Embracing innovation in trading: Looking back on 2023

2023 unfolded like a dynamic tech map for Deriv. Find out how we prepared ourselves for more trading innovations.

Excellence in Tech Operations

This tech blog discuss how our team achieved operational excellence by adopting a "deploy first, release later" philosophy, implementing feature flags, having observability and operation scripts ready before release, implementing parallel run when needed, and documenting requirements upfront.

Implementing High-Availability Cross-Cloud VPN between AWS and GCP

As part of our effort to become cloud-agnostic, we are

How we fixed the AWS NAT Gateway issue

We decided to move a few of our services from AWS to GCP. Explore our solution for the NAT Gateway issue in the GCP to AWS site-to-site VPN.

Enhancing Trading Chart Performance with WebAssembly in Deriv Apps

WebAssembly in Deriv: Trading charts Charts are among the key

Windows Server Automation (part 2)

Windows automation using PowerShell and AutoIT Application installation In Windows

Windows Server Automation (part 1)

Windows automation using Terraform and Octopus Deploy At Deriv, we

Migrating to and using Async Await - Perl

Things to consider when rewriting code to use the new