Tech Learning

How we fixed the AWS NAT Gateway issue

We decided to move a few of our services from AWS to GCP. Explore our solution for the NAT Gateway issue in the GCP to AWS site-to-site VPN.

Enhancing Trading Chart Performance with WebAssembly in Deriv Apps

In this blog, we'll go into the details and best practices in WebAssembly that we gained from our proof-of-concept experience.

Windows Server Automation (part 2)

Find out how we automated installations of applications that communicate with external third parties for analytics and monitoring purposes.

Windows Server Automation (part 1)

When you have 50+ cloud servers to handle MT5 platform operations, automating the process is a necessity for operational reliability. Learn more

Migrating to and using Async Await - Perl

When rewriting code to use the new async/await syntax by Future::AsyncAwait, you need to keep a few things in mind. Learn more in our blog.

Awaiting the future of Async Await (part 2) - Perl

In this blog our tech experts share their insights on Future::AsyncAwait, how it will develop, and how it should be implemented.

Awaiting Async Await Syntax - Perl

Discover the transformative capabilities of Future::AsyncAwait, a syntax module, enhancing the clarity and expressiveness of Future-based code.