Taylor's University Imagine Hack Event

Deriv had the privilege of supporting a prestigious hackathon by mentoring 5 competing teams and fostering tech community growth. Read more.

UK tech talk: Navigating challenges in modern software development

Top UK tech experts gathered to discuss Kafka, Kubernetes, generative AI, and other challenges of modern software. Read the highlights here!

Quill: The building blocks of Deriv’s seamless UX and UI design

Quill is a UX/UI design system that streamlines design for our evolving products and synergizes efforts for quicker and better results. Read more

Deriv champions community-building futter event in the UAE

Tech enthusiasts met up at our Dubai office to exchange ideas and delve into Flutter's possibilities. See highlights from the dev-community event.

Deriv Dubai hosts the 37th AWS user group meetup

Once again, Deriv helped leading tech professionals gain insights from and interact with AWS experts at the 37th user group meetup. Learn more

Deriv in the ACCU Developer Conference

Top programming professionals shared valuable insights at the 2024 ACCU conference. Read our engineering leaders' thoughts about the event.

AI takes centre stage: Deriv’s NexTech showcase

On 27 and 28 April 2024, the Taylor’s NexTech

The secret life of Chrome extension service-workers

While working on the WebSocket debugger extension, I'd

Cloud protection strategies against dangling IP takeovers

Dangling IP address takeovers cause great monetary and reputation loss for companies. Learn how they happen and how to mitigate this risk.

Cloud-agnostic Kubernetes on AWS: A strategic guide

Explore our journey from late-night server maintenance to mastering Kubernetes on AWS, gaining valuable insight into scalability and resilience.