Deriv Dubai hosts the 37th AWS user group meetup

Tech experts from Deriv and other companies at the 37th AWS meetup.
Attendees of the 37th AWS user group meetup

Another milestone for our tech community!

We are thrilled to report the success of our second AWS event of the year, which saw participation from 50 tech enthusiasts from across the UAE. This remarkable gathering not only highlighted cutting-edge technology but also strengthened community ties among cloud computing aficionados.

Insights from knowledgeable speakers

At the heart of our event were three insightful presentations from leading experts in the field. Gunnar Grosch captivated the audience with his session on improving application resilience through chaos engineering, showcasing his pioneering work in serverless applications. Jothimani Radhakrishnan provided deep dives into managing cloud-agnostic Kubernetes in AWS, reflecting his extensive experience in DevOps and cloud technologies. Mahmoud Khatib rounded out the sessions with his expertise in media exchange projects on AWS, demonstrating his mastery of networking and cloud platforms.

A photo of a speaker at the AWS user meetup held in the Deriv Dubai office.
Mahmoud Khatib captivates the audience with his insights at our event

Beyond the technical

Our event transcended the usual formalities, infusing the day with a mix of fun and friendly competition through engaging quizzes, complete with exclusive prizes. The relaxed setting provided the perfect backdrop for our community, where attendees were encouraged to build new connections, share experiences, and develop meaningful relationships. The sense of community spirit and camaraderie was further enhanced by a delightful lunch buffet.

AWS Community Head receiving a Deriv welcome kit
Gunnar Grosch receives a Deriv welcome kit

To more AWS collaborations

Our exploration of advancements in chaos engineering, cloud-agnostic systems, and cloud-based media exchange is just the beginning of technological growth in 2024. With the rapid pace of innovation, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever for businesses and individuals. Stay tuned for more exhilarating events and partnerships that will enable you to engage, learn, and take the lead in the cloud computing arena.

Deriv: Championing tech collaboration and academia-industry partnership

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