Deriv champions community-building futter event in the UAE

A group picture of the Deriv and Flutter organising team.
Deriv team and the organisers, thrilled with the event’s success

On 27 April 2024, Deriv and a passionate community of Flutter developers transformed Dubai into a hub of innovation and learning. The Flutter event, hosted by Deriv and with participants from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, was a testament to the growing enthusiasm for this cross-platform development framework, drawing in experts and sparking collaborative discussions.

A Deriv mobile app expert giving a presentation.
Ramin Vakili, Deriv Mobile App Development Team Lead, explaining how Deriv uses Flutter

The event pulsed with energy and enthusiasm, fueled by like-minded tech professionals eager to share insights and explore Flutter’s capabilities.

A group picture of the flutter community at the Deriv office in Dubai
Flutter developers and enthusiasts at the Deriv office in Dubai

Flutter community gathers to learn and connect

The stage welcomed Flutter experts such as Ramin Vakili, Samyak Jain, and Kushal Mahapatro. Their presentations delved into the power of Flutter, sharing valuable tips and igniting the audience’s imagination.

The event, which included fun quizzes and a sumptuous buffet lunch, fostered a sense of community, providing attendees with ample opportunities to network and build lasting professional connections.

A picture of one of the Flutter developers at the Deriv Dubai office.
Divyanshu Bhargava, a Flutter developer and one of the organisers, conducting a Kahoot quiz

Stay tuned for future Flutter events and initiatives in the UAE! This gathering highlights a growing tech scene and showcases the potential for even more exciting collaborations and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Deriv: Championing tech collaboration and academia-industry partnership

Deriv is committed to fostering a thriving tech community. We are always open to sponsoring impactful tech events and meet-ups, and we welcome opportunities to conduct knowledge-sharing sessions at leading academic institutions. If you represent an organisation or institution interested in partnering with us, please send an email to [email protected].