UK tech talk: Navigating challenges in modern software development

Deriv leaders Chris Horn, Tristam Fenton-May, and Kate Wilkins stand on stage, ready to present
Deriv leaders, from left to right, Chris Horn, Tristam Fenton-May, and Kate Wilkins stand on stage.

Tech professionals unite

We are thrilled to report the success of our latest tech talk event, "Navigating Challenges in Modern Software Development," held on June 13th in the UK. The event, hosted by Chris Horn, Head of Engineering at Deriv, and Jonathan Spragg, Director and co-founder of Reqiva Ltd, brought together over 50 software development professionals and enthusiasts from various industries to explore contemporary challenges and innovative solutions in the field.

Great insights from great speakers

The event kicked off with an insightful session on "Redis Streams Vs Kafka in the Context of Microservices," featuring Tristam Fenton-May, VP of Engineering at Deriv, and Kate Wilkins, Principal Engineer at Deriv. Following this, Yevhen Zavhorodnii, Principal SRE at Ticketmaster, presented "Extending Kubernetes Clusters with Operator Pattern," focusing on advanced techniques for managing and scaling Kubernetes clusters. The day's final session, "Generative AI: A Hands-on Introduction to Prompt Engineering," led by Aidan Caffrey, Head of Cloud Architecture & Engineering at PWC, provided attendees with a practical introduction to prompt engineering in the context of generative AI.

Tristam Fenton-May discusses Kafka at a tech meetup in the UK
Tristam Fenton-May discusses the intricacies of Kafka.

Tech meetup plus more

Our event transcended the usual formalities, creating an environment that fostered real discussions and connections. Attendees engaged in meaningful conversations, sharing experiences and insights in a relaxed setting. The atmosphere was further enhanced by delightful refreshments, which provided a perfect backdrop for networking and community building.

Attendees at the Deriv UK tech event, listening attentively to a speaker in a modern auditorium
Attendees listening attentively to the speaker.

Embracing software development challenges

The insights shared by our speakers on Redis Streams, Kafka, Kubernetes, and generative AI are just the beginning of exploring modern software development challenges and solutions. As technology evolves rapidly, staying informed and adaptable becomes essential for businesses and individuals. We look forward to more exhilarating events and partnerships enabling you to engage, learn, and take charge of navigating these challenges.

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