Taylor's University Imagine Hack Event

The champion group, Hack Boyz, celebrating together with their awards
The champion group, Hack Boyz, celebrating their victory and achievements at the hackathon.

An unforgettable hackathon

On 8–9 June, Deriv proudly participated in Taylor’s University Imagine Hack event, a dynamic 48-hour nonstop hacking session. During this intense marathon, teams worked tirelessly to develop innovative products, culminating in a pitching session where they presented their work to various judges. A total of 37 teams participated in this two-day event, showcasing an impressive array of creativity and technical prowess.

A group of happy hackathon attendees, including participants from Deriv, posing for a group photo in an auditorium
Hackathon attendees gather for a group photo in the auditorium.

Hackathon mentors guiding our future

Deriv had the privilege of mentoring five teams throughout this exhilarating event. Representing Deriv were Youssef Morad, who provided invaluable guidance to the teams, and Mehdi Orangpour, who served as a judge. Two of our mentored teams achieved remarkable success: “Dessert Spoons” won 2nd place and the Best Pitch award with their budgeting app, while “Nameless” received the Judge's Honourable Mention with their compliance AI system. This recognition underscores the quality of mentorship provided by Youssef and Mehdi's keen insights as a judge.

Deriv's Youssef Morad watches over the group he's mentoring as they discuss their project
Youssef Morad mentoring a group of participants, providing valuable guidance and insights.

Celebrating hackathon participants

Congratulations to all the participants, especially the teams we mentored, for their exceptional achievements. Your success is a testament to your hard work, creativity, and determination. We are incredibly proud of all participants for their dedication and ingenuity, which made the event a remarkable showcase of talent and innovation.

Building talent with hackathons

The Imagine Hack event was not just a competition but a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and relentless problem-solving. Our participation in such events aligns with Deriv's commitment to fostering talent and supporting the tech community. We look forward to continuing our engagement in similar events, driving forward the spirit of innovation and excellence.

Deriv: Championing tech collaboration and academia-industry partnership

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