AI takes centre stage: Deriv’s NexTech showcase

NexTech conference backdrop listing Deriv as a sponsor

On 27 and 28 April 2024, the Taylor’s NexTech Conference hosted a series of enlightening talks and workshops, with Deriv playing a pivotal role as a platinum sponsor. Held at Taylor’s Grand Hall, the event spanned two days, drawing a diverse crowd of students, professionals, and technology enthusiasts.

Deriv’s VP of Engineering speaking at the NexTech Conference
Raunak Kathuria, VP of Engineering at Deriv, speaking about LLM at the Taylor’s NexTech Conference

The highlight of Deriv’s participation was the tech talk delivered by Raunak Kathuria, Vice President of Engineering at Deriv. His presentation focused on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning, making these complex subjects accessible with straightforward explanations and relatable examples. The use of the AI tool PartyRock to prepare his presentation particularly captivated the audience, demonstrating the practical application of AI in real time.

Deriv HR representative meeting with students at the Taylor’s NexTech Conference.
Nurul Hanis, from Deriv’s Human Resources team, answering participants’ questions

Deriv’s engaging presence at NexTech Conference

Beyond the talks, Raunak’s workshop on AI and its implications in the field of generative models provided hands-on insights, making it one of the event’s most popular sessions. The Q&A that followed was a testament to the audience’s engagement, with Raunak addressing a wide range of queries on AI and its future trajectory.

The conference also served as a networking platform, with the Deriv team actively engaging with attendees at their booth. The team fielded questions about Deriv’s operations, the technologies they employ, and the company culture. This interaction was especially beneficial for international students from Uzbekistan, Japan, Bangladesh, and China, who expressed a keen interest in future opportunities with Deriv.

Deriv team at the Taylor’s NexTech Conference
Left to right: Raunak Kathuria, Nurul Hanis, and Ben Ramachandran, some of Deriv representatives at Taylor’s NexTech Conference

The two-day event was a resounding success, marked by high participation, especially on the first day, and culminating in the conference’s closing activities, including the grand lucky draw.

Taylor’s NexTech Conference was a valuable touchpoint for fostering future talent and staying connected with the tech community. It was a demonstration of Deriv’s ongoing commitment to innovation and education in the tech community. 

Deriv: Championing tech collaboration and academia-industry partnership

Deriv is committed to fostering a thriving tech community. We are always open to sponsoring impactful tech events and meet-ups, and we welcome opportunities to conduct knowledge-sharing sessions at leading academic institutions. If you represent an organisation or institution interested in partnering with us, please send an email to [email protected].