Fintech innovation meets ambition: Deriv at BITS Pilani - Dubai

Chris Horn with the students of BITS Pilani Dubai
Chris Horn with the students of BITS Pilani, Dubai.

A visit from an industry leader to students ready for real-world challenges is an invaluable opportunity. The fresh engineering graduates from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani - Dubai received just such an opportunity when Deriv’s Sr. Vice President of Engineering, Chris Horn, shared with them the technological challenges we encounter during the course of a workday. 

Chris Horn Senior VP of Engineering Deriv
Chris Horn, Senior VP of Engineering, Deriv.

In a remarkable collaboration between academia and industry, Deriv recently hosted an enlightening session at the Dubai campus of BITS Pilani, showcasing the vibrant opportunities and challenges in the fintech sector. The event, part of an ongoing relationship with the institution, aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the fast-paced world of financial technology.

Exploring fintech careers at Deriv

Building a career in fintech

Chris shared his personal journey in technology, starting from his early days of experimenting with his first home computer, a Texas Instruments Ti99 to playing a role in sending the first ever SMS in the world and his eventual shift to a fintech role with Deriv.

Our Sr. Vice President drew from his vast experience to provide the students with a comprehensive glimpse into the life of a techie at Deriv. His presentation illuminated the diverse departments within Deriv, such as Back-end, Front-end, Mobile App Development, Business Intelligence (BI), Quality Assurance (QA), Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. As a key player in leveraging advanced technologies for financial services, Deriv is keenly aware of the critical role fintech talent plays in driving innovation and excellence. 

Student of BITS Pilani Dubai attending the talk by Deriv
Student of BITS Pilani, Dubai attending the talk by Deriv.

Through his words, the students were invited to envision a career path that is not only diverse but also rich with opportunities for cross-team mobility and personal growth.

The heart of the session was the engaging dialogue between Chris and the students. Their questions ranged from technical challenges faced by Deriv in handling millions of transactions daily across a plethora of financial instruments to the company’s approach to innovation and team dynamics. This interaction was a testament to the curiosity and eagerness of the students to delve deeper into the realities of working in a globally distributed, real-time, high-value transaction business. It also highlighted Deriv’s commitment to transparency and its focus on nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

Chris discussed the real-world challenges the team at Deriv navigates daily, emphasising the importance of innovation, agility, and a problem-solving mindset in fintech. He shared insights into how Deriv’s tech team collaborates across different time zones to deliver seamless financial services to a global clientele, underscoring the company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Sharing fintech education insights

Chris was elated with the chance to interact with the upcoming crop of talent. He shared his reflection: “It was a thrilling experience to engage with the brilliant computing students at the prestigious BITS - Dubai campus. I had the pleasure of presenting our tech stack and delving into the common challenges we encounter, along with our strategies for overcoming them.” He added: “The students seemed up to the challenge of tackling problems in the fintech domain.”

This fintech event is an example of Deriv’s dedication to investing in talent and strengthening ties with educational institutions. It underscores our belief in the power of education and the importance of industry-academia partnerships in preparing students for successful careers in technology.

As Deriv continues to explore the frontier of fintech, we remain committed to empowering ambitious minds from esteemed institutions. Through such engagements, we are not just sharing knowledge; we are shaping the future of fintech together.