Sponsoring MetaCPAN - Perl

An illustration of Deriv becoming a sponsor of metacpan

We are delighted to announce that we are now a financial sponsor of MetaCPAN, the search engine for Perl modules.

MetaCPAN logo

In addition to running our back-end code, Perl has always had a special place in our hearts: it is reliable, stable, powerful, and community-driven via CPAN.

The CPAN comes with a very valuable galaxy of services around it, like CPAN Testers and the great search engine MetaCPAN that we honour today :D

At Deriv, we value the notion of modules that permits us to organise, split, reuse, and test our code easily. We embraced Modern Perl for years and even now take part in building its future, for instance, by helping beta test some of the most important changes to happen in Perl (e.g. Object::Pad)

Deriv heavily relies on CPAN (and MetaCPAN) and in return contributes a lot to it!

Some of our leading modules are related to microservices (e.g. Myriad) or asynchronous event-driven programming implementations (several distributions under Net::Async). We also published facilities for Postgres, Redis, Slack, Mojolicious (plugins), and modules for financial services (like modelizing ticks or handling cryptocurrencies).

Not to mention that there are also some great Perl figures working at Deriv and contributing on their own.

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Our private modules are managed in a "DarkPAN" based on git submodules, but as much as possible, we try to upload our public modules to CPAN (it's one of our current efforts).

Because, like Perl, we have been embracing Open Source since... forever.

Back to MetaCPAN, we are very proud to support this key piece of the Perl ecosystem that makes everybody's life easier. MetaCPAN development is a model of success, and we are happy it continues to evolve thanks to a vibrant team behind it. And several kudos for the redesign that happened recently! <3

Long live MetaCPAN!