Deriv Dubai hosts the 34th AWS User Group Meeting

34th AWS User Group in Dubai

Our office at Business Bay, Dubai, buzzed with energy on Saturday, 13 January, as it hosted the 34th AWS User Group Dubai meeting. The event was a melting pot of cloud enthusiasts, bringing together 44 experts from across the UAE and 20 of our talented engineers. The shared passion for cloud computing fueled intense discussions on the latest advancements unveiled at Reinvent 2023.

34th AWS User Group Meeting in Dubai
Cloud experts and Deriv employees in Dubai office

Unveiling the power of cloud

Expert-led sessions tackled diverse topics spanning the tech landscape. Attendees delved into the intricacies of cloud computing, explored the ethical implications of AI in society, and unwrapped the potential of machine learning and serverless architecture. These sessions were springboards for optimisation ideas and scalable business models, sparking lively discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

AWS cloud expert speaking at Deriv
Presentation led by an AWS cloud expert

Beyond tech talk

The event wasn't all serious business. Engaging quizzes with exclusive prizes added a layer of fun and friendly competition. The relaxed atmosphere also provided ample networking opportunities, allowing attendees to forge connections, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. To fuel these interactions, a delectable lunch buffet fostered a sense of community and camaraderie.

Expert insights and inspiring speakers

AWS experts Sabiha Ashik and Hameedullah Khan, alongside speakers Mohammed Fazalullah, Mohammad Arshad, and Ahmed Ali, illuminated new possibilities and ignited innovative thinking with their insightful presentations. Their expertise offered fresh perspectives and challenged attendees to push the boundaries of cloud technology.

AWS cloud expert speaking to Deriv employees
AWS expert presentation in front of a crowd

Looking ahead

This event marks the exciting beginning of a series of 2024 initiatives focused on propelling cloud innovation and technological growth. It reaffirms Deriv's unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering a vibrant tech community. Stay tuned for future events and collaborations as we continue to shape the future of technology, together.